Have You Seen a Dark-Haired Man with Burning Eyes?

This is definitely not your usual love triumphs over all obstacles
kind of novel. Rather, Dr. Henya Shanun-Klein has
captured the pathos of the protagonist, Adel, from birth
through her life’s journey to what seems the ends-of-the-earth to
find and bring back the love of her life, her husband Itchale.
During the late 1930’s, as war was upon Europe, the Soviet
Red Army purged the shtetls of young Jewish boys. Caught up in
this terrible happening was Adel’s new bridegroom. Dr. Shanun-
Klein masterfully weaves the true facts of this story into an incredible
Eurasia geographic travel log, the likes of which, if the story
was not factual, one would surmise it was fiction.
Somehow, the author has uniquely employed her own life
experiences, including those of being a psychologist and thanatologist
(study of death, dying and bereavement), to provide the
reader with a greater sense of empathy for Adel than an author
without her unique background might otherwise produce.
It is not only the wonderment of this story but the author’s
unique ability to bring to the reader excruciating details of the
protagonist’s challenges on her journey. She moves the reader from
words on a page to literally being in the scene with Adel feeling the
grayness of the times, but more importantly feeling her boundless
spirit of faith and determination to conqueror the evil about her.
Move over Don Quixote, for this is not a story of imagination,
but of a young woman through insurmountable travails,
who literally “did climb every mountain, and ford every stream” as
those lyrics from The Sound of Music regale.
Dr. Shanun-Klein, thank you for allowing the reader to
transform the words on a page into vivid pictures of perseverance and for providing us a real page turner!

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